Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Thinking about New York

Last week I had some fantastic news. I have been accepted to move to New York by my company. Although there's a lot still to do - and I am a stickler for knowing all the finite details - I am bloody excited! I have always wanted to move to America, pretty much from the age of 9. After all, I was brought up during an invasion of American pop culture. So if all goes well, I will move to New York this Autumn and start a new life.

Although I am excited and biting at the bit to go, I know I will miss London. So with that in mind I have been thinking of ways to retain some sense of home whilst living the life in New York.

The below are some cool things I thought I could take with me. As they say, you're never as British as you are when you're in a foreign land.

There's a Big Ben one of these, and a Statue of Liberty one.
Might get both.

Here are some things that I like and would like to have in my home. Not British per se but cool nonetheless.

The below prints are designed by a friend - www.dominicclifford.co.uk

The majority of the above are by www.mymagma.com

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