Sunday, 22 August 2010

Diy Womp

After leaving university I moved home and quickly became bored of what was on offer in my town. There were bands, there were artists, there were bars, but there was nothing that linked them all together for my age group. So I started something up that I called Diy Womp.

It's first guise was a New Year party in a small town hall with various bands and DJs. It was a huge success and brilliant fun. After that I decided to take it a bit more seriously and focus on the art side of things.

Easter weekend 2006 I hosted Diy Womp "The Launch", an exhibition of art and music from local artists and musicians. It was a success, and notably it had the budding pop star Kate Nash performing in the garden as part of her second ever gig- now a global selling indie pop star.

Four years later and a lot of changes and Diy Womp still exists. I have taken it seriously, taken it easy, and nearly thrown the towel in completely, but it still survives.

Last night was our last big gig, it was a collaboration with a girl group with similar values to Womp. The night was a success and it felt as though I was handing the batton onto the other group and resting Diy Womp. I think that's probably true.

I love Diy Womp, the small organisation I founded all those years ago has helped people, inspired people, and brought creativity and enjoyment to the lives of the people in my area and beyond. I have become a better person because of it, more confident and outgoing.

I believe Womp will continue in my life, and I may even start it as a business one day, but for now it's taking a back seat in my life. It will continue with Jamie and Liz, my fellow Wompers, holding the reigns but for me it's a see ya later.

Our poetry nights will continue and I will take part but only until I move to New York. In terms of big gigs with art though, that's over for now.

So here's a few pics of things we did, hope it inspires you too. I will miss it.

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