Wednesday, 11 August 2010

New York!

Hello! Long time no see, I have been busy as a bee in a honey factory.

I have been working my guts out at the moment at work and on diy womp (We have an event soon). Amongst all the work I have been socialising more than I have all year! I have, I seriously have. I guess there's something about being single that gives you more drive to get out and do something. On top of all the socialising, work, and Womp, I have been planning my move to New York.

I am very excited! I can't wait to move over, start work, walk the streets, see friends, go drinking, and move into my own apartment. Ah! This is what this post is about, the apartment. I literally can't wait, and I am on craigslist daily looking at what I can get with my new awesome pay cheque. Seriously, Carat have done me well.

I am thinking I will move to either Williamsburg or East Village. Both have been recommended, because they're artsy, cultural, musical, cool and a bit hipster (urm ok a lot hipster). I've been told I will LOVE it there. So here are some images that are getting me salivating over the move.

And lets hope Alexa is there with her British Flag. I will be bringing mine so they can lay together. mmm

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