Monday, 29 November 2010


So this week just gone the Americans spend a day giving thanks. They thank anything they particularly like really, but mostly I gather they thank their friends and family and the people around that help support their lives. The tradition of Thanksgiving stems from the pilgrims when they thanked the natives for helping them during a poor harvest and rocky first arrival. They later thanked them by killing them all off and conning them out of their lands. You win some, you lose some.

The reason I really like Thanksgiving is that it's become a secular national event that everyone no matter what religious background can partake in. Jews, Christians, Sikhs, Muslims.. you name it they can celebrate it. Even Vegans can celebrate the day they fondly call Turkey Day. It's really something the whole country gets involved in and shops, bars, offices, and alike close all around. Even in New York you'll struggle to find much being open on Thanksgiving. Thankfully though there were cabs.

This year was my first year celebrating Thanksgiving and I was invited to my friend Calvin's in Harlem to spend it with him and his family. Calvin is so far my biggest saviour in New York. He has shown me around, invited me out more times than I can remember, and generally been awesome to me. The Thanksgiving invite was the best invite so far though.

I arrived at Calvin's with some gifts. I took wine, beer, guinness, haribo, cookies, and english mustard. I wasn't sure what to bring to be honest so I just picked things at random that I'd be happy with. For the most part I just chatted and helped (I peeled and chopped one apple - the extent of my cooking) and then awaited his family. When the family arrived I was blown away by just how nice and talkative they were. New Yorkers get a hard rap, people say they're tough people but they're not tough really. They're street smart but they're very open and talkative, probably more so that the English especially Londoners.

Calvins aunt, uncle, mother and step dad were there and we talked for hours whilst eating the spectacular food Calvin and his mum had prepared. Seriously the food was immense. When I said goodbye to everyone I was stuffed but very happy. The people and the food is what made Thanksgiving for me and I am very thankful to Calvin and his family!

All for now.. next blog about The British weekend, moving into a new apartment, and partying in NYC

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