Saturday, 1 January 2011

My 2010 in Pics

2010 was a good year.

2010 was a year of growth.

I travelled more.

I worked harder on my career.

I grew with each relationship - both family, friends, and of the heart.

I continued to see and do things that astounded me.

Here are some snaps from 2010.

Moving to New York - the park across from my street.

A new job and a new view from the street I work on

A goodbye to remember, and some great news for the future

Having a drink in the pub with my dad for his birthday

A movie to remember

Made friends of coworkers and had fun in the office for Mad Men

Friends & Family get together to say goodbye

The one and only Diy Womp night of the year

I took trips to places in England I'd never seen before - Weymouth

and we went to The Lakes camping.. awesome fun

My love of Mexican food grew and grew

I travelled to Berlin a lot

and I travelled to Finland just once for work

I caught up with my university friends for a brilliant weekend

Saw a global superstar play a concert in Watford

and I got to spend time with my mum, I miss curry nights with her.

I got to see my sister grow and we had a LOT of fun

I went on a much needed holiday with my close friends

and these pics make it look as though it was more relaxing than it was ;)

Hanging out with friends before going to a new land

I fell in love with San Fran again, and concurred my irrational fear of driving in America

I travelled to Amsterdam a lot for work ... I want to go for pleasure because I haven't really seen it.

I helped support my friends band

I started the year nursing the alcohol brand I would eventually go on to work for

My friends and I started a monthly dj night in our home town.

I saw and cheered on my friend as he ran the marathon for the second time

I went to Boston for work with Reebok

Womp friends continued to build up the successful poetry night in Watford

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