Friday, 5 August 2011

Life in a day

Tonight I went to the cinema and saw Life in a day. The movie is a collaboration between Ridley Scott, Kevin Macdonald, National Geographic, YouTube and 80,000 normal people with a camera.

YouTube and Nat Geo asked ordinary people like you and me to go out there with their camera and just film their day. The footage that was created and submitted by 80,000 people was moulded into a breathtaking movie. It's amazing. The film takes place a year ago on July 24th and show's various people in multiple countries all over the world.

The movie does something only real life can really do, it shows the full spectrum of emotions we as human beings share. It's funny, sad, beautiful, awful, tragic, joyous, scary, shocking, loving, and more. I loved it. I'm sure you will too. It's your story, our story, and it's a great one. It's made me want to travel again, actually leave right now! In the meantime, I'll get this movie on DVD.

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