Thursday, 29 April 2010

Run, Forest! Run!

Ok so that's a pretty overused title I know but it's the main thing that comes to mind when I think of the London marathon. Well it's either that or "I will never do that".

So this year I went and watched the marathon, again, because my friend Neal ran it, again. I stood along the final stretch of the 24th mile near Westminster. I stood for a bloody long time too. 3 and a half hours I stood, and gazed at the various people that looked like zombies running to their deaths in central London. Then after 3 and a half hours my friend Neal ran past, surprisingly not looking like a zombie waiting to die at the finish line. He looked pretty good in fact, almost too good to be true.

When Neal arrived at our point my friends and I, who consisted of four lads from Watford, all jumped and cheered like extras from an episode of glee. Thankfully the BBC or any other broadcaster in the country did not capture this. God knows why we did this, perhaps from the 3 and a half hour wait, but we did and it provoked Neal to pull a pretty remarkable pose that a premiership footballer would be proud of.

So today I dedicate this blog to my mate Neal and all the other Marathon runners who withstood the gruelling 26 miles. Fair play to you, you may not have inspired me to run a marathon but you have inspired me to never stand for 3 and a half hours again without a drink. JOKE! You have inspired me to have a run.

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