Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Inspiration can sometimes be hard to find

Here are a load of pics that summarise my last couple of months, and these are generally pics I look at to get a sense of inspiration.

My bike. It needs some love and care.

It was my birthday on Saturday and this was the card from my work colleagues. :)

I went for a little shop on Saturday and saw this in the merc store. Wish I owned this.

I bought this in the Urban Outfitters sale

I went to the Electric showrooms with friends on a rainy Saturday. I have fallen in love with the revolving door. What a cool thing to have in a pub!

I also bought this in the UO sale. Definitely me!

I bought these brogues for my bday from Topman Oxford Street.

This is the cute card from my girlfriend

I had a bday breakfast with friends at the breakfast club and saw this dancing coke. Haven't seen one in decades.

My bday card from my colleagues.

Me wearing my tee shirt and pulling a silly face. :)

The clocktower near my house

The best bookmark! Taken at the good hotel in San Fran. Think it's corny? Well go to the good hotel in San Fran and tell me you didnt do this!

Me dancing on my bday @ Madame JoJos for the Lost & Found night!

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