Wednesday, 9 June 2010

2 Things...

This past week has been a toughy and there have been a couple of things that have inspired me to keep going, to get out of bed, and to go out when I should otherwise stay in.

One is from my past and the other my impending future.

The first one is my student life. I loved being a student. I really did. It was a time that was great for me and helped me grow up to be the man I am today. It gave me purpose, took me out of the rut I was in, and inspired me to be more outgoing and positive. That said, there were tough times but those tough times were part of the learning curve.

It was really scary going to uni and having to leave all my close friends from home. My friends at home and I were very close and hungout everyday. Not seeing them was going to be awful. However, I shouldnt have feared because the people that I met became very close friends. I might not see them all of the time but when I do it's as though nothing changed and we're all good.

So why bring it up now, nearly 5 years later? Well last weekend I went to my old stomping ground and met with my old university friends. It was awesome. I miss those guys a lot and I don't think I realised how much until I saw them. What they gave me at uni was a different outlook. They are all different to me and have all influenced me in their own way.

Thinking about them has made a personal decision to move to New York that much easier. Knowing that I can leave close friends from home and then go on to make many more has inspired me to take that leap. So I am 100% going to New York. I know that my friends will be there for me, and some will be coming to visit pretty frequently. So there's nothing to fear.

So that brings me to the next point and that's the future. The future of a new start, a big change, a challenge, a new home. I am very excited about all of this and it's greatly needed. What better place than New York City?

Everytime I really think about NYC I am inspired to learn. Learning is definitely the most important thing for me in life and anything that inspires me to continue it is a ok for me.

So here's to NYC and friends. Inspiration from both the past, present, and future.

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