Tuesday, 22 June 2010

rolling stone

"Papa was a rollin' stone, where ever he laid his hat was his home".

Those words sung by the Temptations have resonated with me for many many years. From my childhood when I dreamt of running away and doing things by myself, to a couple of years ago when I actually booked my ticket to do just that. The reason they hold so true to me is that I love to travel. I really do.

I want to see as much of the world as humanly possible. I think it's largely down to my obsession with cultures and people more than my love of nature. I studied philosophy, religious education, politics, and sociology for that reason. I just love to try and understand why people do things, and to put myself in their shoes. That said it's not just other people that I love about travel, it's the knowledge and confidence it gives you when you've been.

When I travelled last year I visited Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, USA, and Canada. Before that I had been outside of Europe only once, with Spain being the most commonly visited country. Since being home I have had the pleasure of going back to the USA (in fact I have travelled more of the states than most people that live there!), to Germany, and Finland. I have been to France and Ireland too.

I have been to a lot of places, but not enough. Seeing those places has changed me. It has made me more self assured because of the sometimes daunting decisions you make when away from your home, and it's made me more determined too.

I love to travel so much that I decided to immortalise my love by having a tattoo on my skin. Pictures below. The tattoo represents a quotation by the philosopher Saint Augustine, which reads "The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page".

So yes to travel means very much to me, and it inspires me in many ways. I aim to travel in Europe as much as I can this summer before I move to New York this Autumn/Fall.

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