Saturday, 24 July 2010

Work Work Work

I've not blogged for ages and I'm sorry! I have had loads going on and it's meant that I've just neglected this little hobby of mine for a while. Today however is the first day where I have no plans and no want to get out of bed and do something. So with laziness taking over I have decided to write about what's been going on!

1) A case of the ex. Well I am single and it's been recent. I have up til now been in a long distance relationship with a girl from the states. Now it's over it seems that I've been inundated with being busy. That's always the way though right? It's like your eyes open and this social life you've been ignoring is startlingly obvious.

2) Media darling. Well work has been busy. I have been working on Reebok and Nokia for a while now and the last couple of weeks has been incessant. Not too mad, but just non stop, which is good because I'm one of those freaks you hear about that enjoys his work and being busy. I know, odd right?

Well the great thing about my industry is the freebies that you receive. It's not the only thing of course but it's a great thing none the less. So these past weeks I've been to quite a few. I went to a five star hotel with the biggest wine cellar in Europe and a Michelin star restaurant last week. I went to the hipster event of the year on Saturday with Vice Magazine. I went to a pub which was completely re-branded and completely free to watch some world cup games. I went to a German beer hall to watch the Germans, and to drink German beer. I went to a roof terrace party in central London. I went to see the amazing Inception film at Time Warners in house cinema.

It's been great! Hope I get to experience New York like this...

3) New York , New York. I'm moving to NYC in the autumn and it's crazy! I'm super excited, nervous, and can't stop thinking about it! It's on my mind every minute. I keep reminding myself to live in the moment and make best of what you have today, but this is New York and it's hard not to think about it. Also, Im a planner by nature and trade so I like to think things through. It's what I do best.

4) Diy Womp. Diy Womp is my own project that I founded a few years back. The principle idea of Diy Womp is that it's an organisation to promote and support up and coming creative people in London and the suburbs. This promotion and support generally takes the form of online channels (facebook, twitter, ning) but we also host poetry nights, acoustic nights, exhibtions, DJ nights, and band nights.

At the moment I am planning "Have your cake and eat it" with a London based group, Storm in a Teacup. Have your cake is an exhibition with a gig to launch it. It's happening at the George Tavern in East London on Saturday August 21st. For more details keep an eye on this blog.

5) Holiday! I was meant to be in NYC last month checking the place out (for a 2nd time) and seeing my girlfriend. However when we broke up it seemed somewhat silly to go there and not have a place to stay or the funds to do what I'd like to do if I was alone. So I rescheduled my flights and booked a cheap and cheerful holiday to a Spanish island with friends. It was fun! It was probably too much fun for some but I loved it. It's great to get away and enjoy some sunshine. I also spent a week without a mobile phone and the internet. If you know me well you'll know that meant no Twitter (@bobbyjohnspeaks) and no facebook (, which is quite shocking! However shocking it was refreshing and great for me to rest the planners mind.

And now for some pics...

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