Wednesday, 22 September 2010



Some people may think I am mad for this statement, but I suppose the beauty of a blog is that I can say whatever I want about whatever I want, so here you are; Autumn is by far my most favourite time of year.

Ok I know it gets dark, it gets cold, it gets wet, spiders come out, leaves seem to cause more disruption to trains that suicide bombers, but I love it. Without sounding too much like a new age Hippie, I think this is my time of year. I always find that new beginnings start for me in September, perhaps it's my Celtic background, my colouring, my sometimes insistence to be melancholy (yeah, I have the Smiths albums), or maybe it's the fashion and how the time fits my colouring. I don't know, all I know is that I love this time of year.

So suck up those sniffles, turn on the lights and radiators, dust down that coat and get ready for Autumn! Oh and for all my American readers, I am NEVER changing my language from Autumn to Fall. Fall is just negative and not nearly as beautiful a word. Alas I digress... let's let the pics complete this

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