Saturday, 30 October 2010

Leaving London

In case you're one of the very few people that doesn't know, i've moved to New York from London. London is my home, I have lived there on and off for a few years, and before that grew up in a satellite town just north. It's wonderful, historic, fun, creative, and beautiful. So why leave? Well I needed change. I think it's important for change to be embraced otherwise we succumb to a life of routine and distractions.

I have been embracing change as much as I can for the past couple of years, and there's a buddhist mantra that I will now paraphrase somewhat badly - It is simply impossible to exist without change. That my friends is true, those that tell you otherwise are walking through life with their eyes closed. It's common sense no? Things change all the time, we can't control them all, but of course there are some we can. Those we can, we sometimes regret but mostly we celebrate them through an ever so slight improvement in day to day life. So with that in mind I have taken a new direction and moved to New York.

Leaving London was hard, very hard. I left my dearest and closest. Friends, family, and alike and that's tough. However the move away actually made my London life open up. I met some cool people and got involved with some cool people that gave me advice on leaving and how to succeed in a New York. Close friends gave me encouragement and made me positive to go forward. One person in particular was really supportive and positive, even if she did sometimes cheekily ask me to stay.

All in all though, London will always be my home. But as I sit in my hotel room in New York I feel a new wave of exciting change coming and it feels right. It feels comfortable.

So embrace that change, take that leap, and although its sometimes harder than you'd ever imagine it could be, DO IT.

Here is a pic of an engraving I noticed at a hotel bar I drank at last night, I think it says it all....

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