Monday, 15 November 2010

Sick and Tired...

Hi, I'm sorry for not posting sooner. I really wanted to. In fact I really wanted to do a lot of things that I haven't. That's not true of life but true of the last week. The reason you must understand is that I have been stricken with the deadly man flu. Argh!!
Run for the hills, think of the children, etc.

Yeah so the man flu has really fucked up this past weeks plans of exploring New York and getting things done. By now I was planning on writing about the Levi's store in New York, the high line park, brunching in the upper east, seeing Nas performing at a free Heineken event, and a games night in Harlem. Alas my friends I cannot because I simply stayed in bed and slept, watched movies, and ate soup. (Ate soup? Always sounds weird to me. Drank soup? No not good either. There should be a drate just for soup)...

However that said, I have been inspired this weekend. Amazing since I haven't actually been out the house you might say. Well yes that's true I haven't been out.. much. I did actually leave the house on Saturday to go and get my barnet cut, and I went to a rather brilliantly named salon called Pimps & Pinups.

When you move to a new place you find it's the little things that affect you the most. The change of the supermarket, the local take away, the hair dressers. These are small things that you have over time come to favour and rely on. These things are suddenly gone when you move and you start to notice that these little things you have previously paid little attention to are now adding up to a large part of the effort you give in day to day life. So it is with great pleasure that I say I have, in one fell swoop, found my hairdresser.

The hairdressers is cool and they made me feel comfortable and relaxed, which is not an easy task. If you know me well then you may have heard me talk about my irrational fear of the hairdressers. I see it the same way as others see a dentist appointment. Its a horrible experience for me, and I never seem to look as ill as I do when I am looking at my reflection in a hairdressers mirror. So yes, it was good to feel comfortable.

Now it's not the hairdressers that's actually inspired me, that would be a bit odd. It was the area. The Lower East Side of New York. I walked around the area for about 30 minutes until I felt like fainting. Not because of the overwhelming feeling of inspiration you see but the bloody man flu coming back to remind me I was sick and to go home. The LES as it's known around these parts has more bars per square foot than anywhere in the world. That's an impressive fact.

Now theres a cool video doing the rounds on the internet at the moment and in it one guy being interviewed talks about the LES. So I think it makes sense for you to hear it from his point of view than mine. I will tell you my point of view after i've been there a bit longer, but for now be assured that NYC can inspire me as much in 30mins as it can in a whole weekend of missed opportunities. :)

INFLUENCERS TRAILER from R+I creative on Vimeo.


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  2. Thanks Indiegirl. :) Your blog is fun. Hope you're enjoying my rambling writings