Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Mad men day was a success!

So a few posts back I said I was so inspired by Mad Men that I had convinced my office to dress up as characters from the show for a day. Well I have to say I had no idea how much of a success it would turn out to be. Literally two thirds of the office dressed up in an early 60's/ late 50s fashion. It was amazing, and probably the best day I have ever had at work!

When I arrived I was shocked to see just how wonderful everyone looked. It was clear to see that a lot of effort had been put in, and people were generally happy to be dressed up. It's great to see something you dreamed up come to fruition. In fact, for me there's no better feeling - and that probably explains why I like being a planner.

At 11am the first drinks were out, and that's not bad seeing as in the programme they sometimes drink from 9am! We had some horrendous white spirit, which I think was disguised in a Vodka bottle. It can't have been Vodka, it was awful. So that was underway, and then the photoshoot came about.

The president of my office is a gent and he allowed us to have our photo taken in his office and look the part. So with the marketing team standing with camera in hand, we became part of Carat history. The picture looks amazing and now hangs in our kitchen - I say hangs, I mean it's blue-tacked to the fridge.

Next was lunch, and good golly miss molly what a fantastic lunch! Videoegg, a company that definitely couldn't have existed in the 60s, took us to J Sheekey. J Sheeky has been on the list of places to go for a years. It's fabulous and perfect for a Mad Men day. The decor, the staff, the fellow diners are pretty much perfect for 1960s advertising lunches. We had cocktails, and the most amazing fish I have ever tasted. Oh and of course we had oysters, even if my fellow diners were a little but apprehensive!

Following lunch we did some work before heading back out again for cocktails and parties. That night we became the nighthawks, marauding around London from bar to bar and party to party. It was brilliant!

Thanks to everyone that took part, and special thanks to Lawrence and Layla from Videoegg for getting involved, dressing up, and taking us to a great lunch.

now for some pics

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